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As Montana State University’s Men’s Rugby Club prepares to begin their 2016 spring campaign, it is important that we recognize our fans who came and supported us no matter the weather. The Bobcats finished their fall season 6-2, earning massive wins against Western Colorado State and independent rival Utah State. The beginning of the season saw the Cats struggle against Division 1 giants Colorado State and Wyoming but bounce back to finish the season 6-0, proving that this program is the real deal. As we come out of the off season, there was a strong emphasis on continued fitness, with a program designed, by former player Brad Turnbaugh, to build agility and explosiveness. Looking forward to the second half of the 2015-2016 season, January saw the team return to regular practices as well as playing host to a club formal on January 30th.

The club returns a strong group of freshmen with a season under their belts and passion in their hearts. The strongest freshmen class in club history will be led by returning Captain Ben Morris along with newly-elected captains Adam Rooker and freshman, Arik Lybeck. On top of electing new captains, many other positions on the club board were filled during team elections. Austin Llewellyn, a freshman from British Columbia, Canada was chosen to take over for Drew Dyson, who is in his last semester, as president. Similarly, Brad Tucker (Oregon) and Floyd Armenta (California), both freshmen, were voted vice president and treasurer respectively. Continuing with the electoral process, Kiley Barz, a rookie sophomore from Washington, was elected to fill the newly created public relations office.

2016 looks to be a promising season for the Bobcats. Looking to make a statement, the Bobcats plan to play a grueling schedule including other independents along with conference powerhouses as well as sending a sevens team to many different tournaments. The Cats will start their season off against in-state rivals, University of Montana Jesters, as they prepare for the greatest season in club record. With playoffs in mind for both sevens and fifteens, the Cats will be a force to be reckoned with. Welcome back to Bobcat Rugby!

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